Procindeed to Hell - The (partly) true story of Methoxide
and the making of Proceed to Hell

March 1987
Methoxide is founded by Daggür Sharpe, M Wannergaard and Muerte de Arriba.

June 1987
Drummer Johnny Victor joins the band.

July 1987
Drummer Johnny Victor leaves the band due to creative disagreements. Drummer Per-Åke “Pepsi” Davidsson joins the band.

February 1988
The demo “To Your Hell or Mine?” is released, containing three songs: Starchaser/Hellraiser, Pissed Off (Again) and the title track.

July 1988
Methoxide performs the first gig in front of a larger audience in Rolfensbräcke, Germany, Belgium or possibly Switzerland.

September 1988
A contract for three albums is signed with vinyl only label M&A Records. Recording of the album Proceed to Hell? is started. The album is to be promoted as “The new sound of European heavy metal” with a million dollar marketing budget. The release is set to March 1989.

October 1988
Pepsi Davidsson quits the band due to creative disagreements. Recording of the album is halted.

January 1989
Drummer Vincent Hellbirth joins the band. Recording of the album is continued. Release of the album is set to June 1989.

February 1989
Recording of Proceed to Hell? is completed.

April 1989
Due to the dramatic decline of vinyl sales, M&A Records is forced to declare bankruptcy. The company owns the rights to all of the recorded tracks, preventing Methoxide from looking for a new label.

May 1990
Vincent Hellbirth quits the band due to creative disagreements. Drummer Lasse Carreidas joins the band.

December 1992
The rights to all tracks are released by M&A Records and now belong to Methoxide again.

April 1993
A three album contract is signed with Hellbound Records. Release is set to July 1993.

June 1993
Recording of Proceed to Hell is started in Studio Wolfram, Los Angeles, California. Release of the album is set to October 1993.

August 1993
Due to unhappiness with the sound, recordings are moved to Bludge Studios, Louisville, Kentucky. Release of the album is postponed to December 1993.

September 1993
I order to get a more evil sound, recording is moved to Gzrdjutska Zdudjoz, Brzdsktj, Tajikistan. Release is postponed to March 1994.

November 1993
When the Hellbound Records are to send money to cover the bands cost throughout the recording process, Muerte discovers that they have sent 30 dollars less than the agreed amount. As a reaction to this, Muerte delivers a small number death threats to the Hellbound Records CEO, Jay Hicks, verbally, through mail, telefax, telex and telegram. (It is, however, never proved that Muerte had anything to with the four tons of bull manure that was delivered to Jay Hicks pool and that may as well have been completely coincidental.)

Since production costs have of the album already have been a bit higher than the record label expected, Hellbound Records offers to not press any charges against Muerte, if Methoxide agrees to terminate the contract and free Hellbound Records from all economic obligations towards the band. Methoxide agrees.

February 1994
A two album contract is signed with Haufstein & Haufstein Entertainment.

April 1994
The recording of Proceed to Hell? is started in Gutterball Studios, London, UK. Release is set to September 1994.

June 1994
Recording and mixing of the album is completed.

July 1994
Producer Tiny Thomas sadly commits suicide by burning down the studio. All recorded material is lost.

September 1994
Recording of the album Proceed to Hell? is started in FoZ Soundstudio, Garfelsbrügge, Holland, Belgium. Release is set to December 1994.

December 1994
Due to organizational changes within Haufstein & Haufstein Entertaintment. Methoxide agrees to postpone the release of Proceed to Hell? to February 1995. This is in order to give the company the ability to fully focus on the release.

January 1995
Haufstein & Haufstein Entertaintment is sold to LaHood Music.

March 1995
LaHood Music lawyers declare the contract with Haufstein & Haufstein Entertaintment “non valid”. They do not claim the rights to the songs, but prevent the release of the recorded material, since it was paid for by Haufstein & Haufstein.

July 1995
Drummer Lasse Carreidas is replaced with Per-Åke “Pepsi” Davidsson who rejoins the band.

May 1996
A one album deal is signed with Warville Records.

May 1996
The recording of Proceed to Hell? with producer Thomas Bergsskog is started in Studio Moondark, Gothenburg, Sweden.

May 1996
Recording of the album is halted due to lack funds of Warville Records. Methoxide is released from the contract. Studio Moondark is not paid and will no longer co-operate with Methoxide or let the band use the recorded songs.

September 1997
A two album deal is signed with Metalflame-Hammerblade Prödüctions.

October 1997
Recording of the album is started in Vertigo Studios, Stockholm, Sweden, with producer Webster Corey.

October 1997
Daggür leaves the band to pursuit his solo career and Metalflame-Hammerblade Prödüctions cancels the album contract.

February 1998
Daggür joins up with The Pink Seagulls and releases the eurodisco demo “What if love is all there is?” under the name Daggür & The Pink Seagulls, featuring Magnus Hansson, Rolf X:sson Y:sson and Linda Svaneborg.

December 1998
Daggür & The Pink Seagulls releases the demo “Da Ya Wanna B My F8?”.

February 1999
The Pink Seagulls leaves Daggür & The Pink Seagulls.

April 1999
Daggür releases the demo Seagullslayer under the name Daggür & the Daggürs, playing all instruments by himself.

 April 1999
Daggür and the Daggürs releases the demo Kill, Kill, KILL the Seagulls.

June 1999
Daggür and the Daggürs releases the demo Seagulls Can’t Fly (With Napalm on Their Wings).

July 1999
Daggürs and the Daggürs releases the demo Magnus Hansson Must Die (Right Now, Yeah).

November 1999
Daggür & the Daggürs are dissolved.

June 2000
Methoxide is reunited. Fruitless attempts to locate drummer Pepsi Davidsson are made.  He is eventually declared missing and replaced by long time Methoxide fan “Lucky” Luke Sandström.

October 2001
Methoxide starts its own record label, Methoxide records, and starts the recording of Proceed to Hell? in Hitless Studios, Stockholm, Sweden. Release is set to May 2002.

November 2001
Marketing resources are limited and in an attempt to gain cheap publicity for the upcoming album, the band manager, Allen Moleman, decides to send a promo-CD to the White House, in a package with some wires, marked with the words “Contains the BOMB”.

Methoxide is during a short time suspected to be a terrorist organization and all the bands funds are ceased, awaiting investigation by American authorities. Methoxide is later freed from all suspicion, but being unable to pay the remaining studio bills while the accounts are frozen, the band is kicked out of the studio, unable to finish the recordings.

Having spent most of the money of the own record company, the band decides to start looking for a new record contract.

March 2002
A three album deal is signed with Il Tempo Gigante Records . Methoxide will be promoted as “The old sound of European heavy metal” with a hundred thousand dollar marketing budget.  In order to get the old school sound, it is decided that the album is to be recorded as a live album. Top notch recording equipment is hired and a gig is booked at the Metalsound Festival. Release of the album is set to October 2002.

April 2002
Il Tempo Gigante Records declares that they are not able to fulfill their economic duties towards Metalsound Festival. Drummer Lucky Luke Sandström miraculously manages to raise funds for continuation of the live recording plans.

July 2002
Recording of the album at Metalsound Festival. To make sure that the audience is happy and well-wishing, Daggür learns some phrases in German to start the concert with. When the first song is played, the audience, however, seems mostly confused or angry. In a desperate attempt to win the audience over, Daggür reveals his specially designed t-shirt with the text “Methoxide
Germany” and a large German flag.

Unfortunately, and contrary to Daggürs belief, the gig does not at all take place in Germany, but in Fortingsworth, an industrial city in northern England. As a result of the unfortunate misunderstanding, the audience turns against the band, the concert is stopped by security and only two tracks are recorded.

August 2002
Drummer  Lucky Luke Sandström is arrested for grov trolöshet mot huvudman (fraud/misuse of corporate funds), and  is later sentenced to four years in prison.

January 2005
Lucky Luke Sandström is released on probation and the band is able to continue.

February 2005
Lucky Luke Sandström leaves the band due to creative disagreements.

March 2005
Drummer Mats “Borneo” Löpemyr joins the band

March 2005
Mats “Borneo” Löpemyr leaves the band due to creative disagreements.

November 2005
Drummer Deathkill Larsson joins the band.

January 2006
Mats Åhlberg Bil & Traktor agrees to finance the recording of the album in exchange for half of the earnings.

February 2006
Recording of the album Proceed to Hell? is started in Studio Sänke, Enköping Sweden. The album is to be released in May 2006.

March 2006
It is discovered that Deathkill Larsson in fact is the same person as Vincent Hellbirth, who was kicked out of the band in 1988. Deathkill Larsson leaves the band due to creative disagreements. The recording is halted.

April 2006
Drummer “Flying” Fleming Harrysen joins the band. The recording of Proceed to Hell? is finished and the album is ready to be released. The release date is set to July 2006.

July 2006
A lawsuit against Methoxide is filed by Josey Wales, a former director at M&A Records, who claims rights to the album title “Proceed to Hell?” This prevents the album from being released.

April 2007
Former/present drummer Pepsi Davidsson is, seven years after his disappearance, officially declared dead.

October 2008
After two years in civil court, the lawsuit against Methoxide is dropped. The band is allowed to release the album, but has to change the title from “Proceed to Hell?” to “Proceed to Hell” (without the question mark).

The lyrics of the title song are changed from
I do wish you well
Will you… proceed to Hell?
I do wish you  well
You will… proceed to Hell.

The new release date is set to January 2009.

December 2008
Mats Åhlberg Bil & Traktor declares bankruptcy due to the financial crisis. All the CD:s are confiscated by the bankruptcy manager.

February 2009
A seven album contract is signed with Nigeria Entertainment Ltd. The release date of Proceed to Hell is set to May 2009.

March 2009
After having made the payment of Methoxides part of the production costs to Nigeria Entertainment Ltd, it is discovered that no such record label exists. Recording of the album is postponed.

November 2009
Drummer Flying Fleming Harrysen leaves the band due to creative disagreements and is replaced by Buck Chestlÿ.

October 2010
Recording of Proceed to Hell is started in Daggürs Basement. The release date is set to April 2011.

November 2010
Buck Chestlÿ leaves Methoxide to fullfill his longtime dream to write and produce a heavy metal opera. Buck has been working on the opera for twelve years and now needs to work full time with it to finish the work.

The groundbreaking masterpiece is to be called The More the Chestlïer. Not being able to sing or play any instruments, The More the Chestlïer will be the first heavy metal opera to be played on drums only.

Recording of Proceed to Hell is halted.

February 2011
Writing of the heavy metal opera is finished. Buck Chestlÿ gathers all his savings to travel around the world to sell The More the Chestlïer to the worlds most prominent opera stages.

April 2011
Buck Chestlÿ rejoins Methoxide. Recording of Proceed to Hell is resumed.

May 2011
Due to copyright claims from the estate of Pepsi Davidsson, Methoxide is forbidden to rehearse and/or record any of their songs. Release of the album is postponed.

July 2011
The claims from the Pepsi Davidsson estate are dismissed by Swedish civil court. In respect of the Davidsson  family, Methoxide  decides to use a recording with Pepsi on the forthcoming album. Recording continues and the release is set to September 2011.

August 2011
Because of technical difficulties, the release of Proceed to Hell is postponed to October 2011.

September, 2011
Due to Marre being held in custody in Peru due to uncertain circumstances, release of the album is postponed to November 2011.

November 11, 2011

November 11, 2011
Due to technical difficulties, the release of Proceed to Hell is postponed to January 4, 2012.

December 28, 2011
When playing a solo in the studio, Muerte de Arriba tries to bend the strings, but discovers that his fingers bend instead of the strings. When he tries to stand up, his legs bend like spaghetti. With finger bones too soft to be able to handle a phone, Muerte is unable to call for help and is stuck on the studio floor for three days.

The unconscious Muerte is eventually found by friends, which brings him to the hospital (after taking a few pictures with Muertes bones bent in amusing ways). Muerte is found to be critically dehydrated and is unconscious for several days, but an amazing effort by the staff of Universitetssjukhuset Örebro saves his life.

Muerte is diagnosed with rickets, due to lack of sunlight, most likely because he has spent too much time in the studio during the past few years. Muerte is forced to take a break from Methoxide.

January 4, 2012

January 5, 2012
Uppsalatidningen, by many considerad the most important trend setting magazine in Scandinavia, publishes a report on Methoxide in their first issue 2012.

Uppsalatidningen is often used as a trend indicator by Swedish media in general. It is said that what Uppsalatidningen writes about in their first issue, will be what is considered to be important that year

The report can be read here (in Swedish)

This marks the beginning of a new era for Methoxide.